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When recommending vendors to work with clients you want to be sure that you are going to get a quality service and not have to listen to complaints about issues on site or poorly completed work.

At GeoDrill you can be assured of not only complete professionalism on site but high quality work that performs as specified. We have worked on projects from the very small to the very large with all projects getting the attention and professionalism they deserve.

We can work with you in the design of the borehole array or the entire heat pump system advising on the potential for not only using the borehole arrays heating extraction capacity but also its heat rejection capacity and the possibilities for both passive and active cooling.

Heat pump systems now provide a much better alternative for controlling the Climate within a building than traditional air conditioning systems. You can use the natural cooling of the ground to cover cooling loads for much of the year which incurs a minimal cost, then engage active cooling in periods of warmer weather.

You can also use the ground to store heat energy to improve winter heating performance and use the heat pump system to move heat energy from areas of the building where its unwanted such as server rooms to areas where its needed.

We can also provide Thermal Response tests (TRT) for larger projects to determine how much borehole is required to satisfy the system capacity.

Talk to us today about potential projects you have upcoming and we can assist in providing a solution that will deliver in reduced energy costs, simplified maintenance and satisfied clients.

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