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Our equipment

Our Rig

We operate a Geotec Rotomax L, which is a German manufactured rig and the most technically advanced and most powerful rig in its class. It is capable of drilling to depths of up to 200m.The rig only weighs 5 tonnes and so has very little impact on the site and can be positioned to place the bores where they are required and not merely where the size of the drill rig dictates. The drill rig can fit through a 1.5m wide passage to allow drilling to be completed in the most awkward sites and move on terrains that others can’t manage.

Our Rig

We also run a preventer system which allows us to discharge the cuttings from the bore to unused areas of the site or directly into a skip. Site cleanliness is important not only from a safety aspect but also in reduced costs of clean up afterward. Something which we at GeoDrill pride ourselves on.

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