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GeoDrill work with private clients and heat pump installers/specifiers to provide high quality high performance boreholes for closed loop and open loop geothermal systems. Successful geothermal bores as with any mechanical process require careful design and implementation it is not as simple as drilling a hole and dropping a pipe in.

Each individual heat pump has a cooling capacity that must be satisfied in order for the heat pump to work correctly. A certain amount of energy must be available to be extracted from the ground without over cooling the ground as this results in a drop in system performance. Not all grounds return the same amount of energy so the bore must be designed to reflect this fact. Drilling too little bore results in over cooling while drilling more bore than is required drives up the overall system cost. Therefore dealing with a company who has the knowledge to calculate and implement a correctly sized bore is essential.

The design of the bore is the first part of the process, the next challenge is to perform the installation correctly with the correct processes. Below is an outline of how a correctly installed geothermal bore should be implemented.

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